Friday, March 11, 2011


As many of you know, Japan was hit by a devastating earthquake.  Huge amounts of damage was done, and thousands of lives were affected.

We want to show our support to the relief efforts that are under way.

We pledge to Donate 50% of revenue generated from app sales and ad clicks to the Red Cross, for at least the month of March, in an effort to help victims of this terrible tragedy.  Every small gesture helps in times of crisis.

Our thoughts go out to all of the victims. 

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  1. My name is Toye Johnson and I paid a full donation for the app MAKE IT RAIN, and it was fine when uploading own image was added initially , but after a few updates uploading own image hasn't worked. Not even with last update. Im concerned because its a favorite. I have an Evo 4G, please fix and respond to