Sunday, February 27, 2011

Xoom'ing Into the World of Tablets

We apologize for not blogging in a while.  Things have been busy lately.

We just picked up a couple Xoom tablets!!!  Honeycomb is an awesome step forward.  We would totally recommend it to everyone thats in the market for a tablet.  The look, the feel, the speed, all great (No Motorola is not paying for this review :) ).

Anyway, we've got the new Android 3.0 SDK downloaded, and installed.  Over the next couple of weeks we'll be creating tablet versions of our most popular live wallpapers.  Make It Rain, Snowy Village (The LWP formerly known as Christmas Town), and Lava Lamp will be the first.

In addition to the updates, we're getting closer to releasing a couple of new live wallpapers.  Both should be available in phone and tablet form.

Keep an eye out.  And get a Xoom!

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